Tradition of Innovation

Our designs merge artistic expression and utilitarian function.


Our products are certified by CSA International, CCSAUSl, etc. We make ODM effortless and worry-free!


From a napkin sketch to a refined product in 2 weeks or less. Trust your inspiration to Yoon Lei Family!

International Supply Chain

Our business is global supply chain fulfillment.
We understand the complexities of world commerce.
You can rely on Yoon Lei to deliver on its promises
on time every time!

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   Yoon Lei Co., Ltd designs, builds and delivers the world’s most dependable lines of commercial stainless steel hardware and accessories.

    Since our start in 2002 as a small iron factory, Yoon Lei has added various product lines and has grown in size and sophistication to become the leading manufacturer of stainless steel hardware in Taiwan.

    In the next ten years, we have played the role of an important supplier for kitchen and bath industry in the global supply chain, eventually becoming an industry expert, giving us confidence to expand into many other product lines, such as physiotherapy equipment, construction, hardware, etc.

We stay up to the date with the market and intimately understand its ever changing pulse, while always honing our professional production skills. With state-of-the-art techniques and continuous research and development, we devote ourselves to design and production of high quality products and, ultimately, customer satisfaction.

    Yoon Lei’s services are in high demand due to competitive prices, professionalism and promptness of service. We have many trading partners in North America, Occident and Southeastern Asia.  In this global market, we maintain several certifications (i g. CSA, CCSAUS, etc.) for your peace of mind and guarantee of best quality, honest service and most competitive price. 
    Costumers are our most valuable asset. We value every guest from around the world, and your opinions will be given due respect and consideration. We see our customers as our best friends. We cherish every one of their unique ideas just like we cherish them.  Our business is developing new products with our customers, turning their sketches into masterpieces. Let’s build a new partnership, together.  
Yoon Lei is a fine choice for your international trade partner!